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27 August 2017





Middle East




Iraqi Forces ‘completing mission’ to drive ISIL out of north Iraq


Author/Source: Osama Bin Javaid, Al Jazeera


“Some Iraqi army commanders say they are completing their mission to drive ISIL fighters out of northern Iraq…”




Ceasefire halts battle against Isil on Syria and Lebanon border


Author/Source: The Telegraph


“A ceasefire took effect Sunday in the border area between Syria and Lebanon, halting separate but simultaneous week-long offensives against the Isil group by the Lebanese army on one side and Hezbollah and Syrian troops on the other…”




Fighters withdraw after clashes in Yemen capital – officials


Author/Source: Noah Browning, Reuters


“Gunmen from both groups in a strained civil war alliance withdrew from streets in the Yemeni capital on Sunday after trading fire in unprecedented violence, officials from the two groups said…”




8-year-old Palestinian girl dies after being hit by settler car in Nablus


Author/Source: Middle East Monitor


“An 8-year-old Palestinian girl was killed on Saturday after being struck by an Israeli vehicle in the Nablus district of the nerthern occupied West Bank, according to Israeli sources…”




Central Asia




Azerbaijan ammunition dump catches fire, 6 injured


Author/Source: Associated Press


“Azerbaijani villagers who were evacuated from their homes after a military ammunition dump caught fire are returning as authorities say they have brought the blaze under control…”




South Asia




After deadly protests, Indian states in lockdown for 'godman's' rape sentencing


Author/Source: Sankalp Phartiyal and Nidhi Verma, Reuters


“India is deploying thousands of riot police and shutting down internet services in two northern states, as it prepares for the sentencing on Monday of a self-styled ’godman’ whose followers went on the rampage after he was convicted of rape on Friday…”




Gunfire heard near Bangladesh border as thousands flee Myanmar violence


Author/Source: Ruma Paul, Reuters


“Myanmar’s government said it had evacuated at least 4,000 non-Muslim villagers amid ongoing clashes in northwestern Rakhine state, as thousands more Rohingya Muslims sought to flee across the border to Bangladesh on Sunday…”




Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Southern Afghanistan


Author/Source: Ayaz Gul, VOA


“A suicide car bomber attacked a market in southern Afghanistan Sunday, killing at least 13 people and wounding many more…”




Southeast Asia




Thailand’s Ex-Leader Leaves Supporters in Limbo After Disappearing During Trial


Author/Source: Richard C. Paddock, New York Times


“For two years, Yingluck Shinawatra, the former prime minister of Thailand, battled criminal charges of negligence and claims that she had cost the country billions of dollars…”




Father of Philippine Islamist militant leaders dies in government custody


Author/Source: Karen Lema and Alison Williams, Reuters


“The father of the leaders of the pro-Islamic State Maute group that seized control of a southern Philippine town in May died while in government custody, authorities said on Sunday…”




East Asia




Samsung scion Lee appeals against five-year jail term for bribery


Author/Source: Joyce Lee, Reuters


“Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee has filed an appeal against the five-year jail term he was given for bribery and other charges through his lawyer, according to the Seoul Central District Court’s website on Monday…”




3 missing after MSDF helicopter crashes in Sea of Japan


Author/Source: Song Lifang, Xinhua


“A helicopter belonging to Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) crashed during a drill Saturday night, leaving three crew members missing…”








US journalist killed in South Sudan, State Department confirms


Author/Source: Susannah Cullinane, CNN


“A US journalist has been killed in South Sudan…”




Al Qaeda says senior commander in Somalia al Shabaab affiliate killed


Author/Source: Stephen Kalin, Reuters


“A senior commander in al Shabaab, Somalia’s al Qaeda-affiliated Islamist rebels, was killed last month in a U.S. airstrike, the group said on Saturday in an online statement…”








Pope’s Aids Respond to Threats from ISIS


Author/Source: Jacob Goff Klein, Jerusalem Post


“The Pope’s top aids responded on Saturday to threats to the Vatican made in a new ISIS propaganda video…”




Identity of Turku stabber established


Author/Source: Song Lifang, Xinhua


“Finnish police said on Sunday the main suspect of the Turku stabbings is 23 years old, not 18 years old as he himself has claimed…”




British police issue warning after chemical 'haze' on Sussex coast


Author/Source: Parikshit Mishra and Alison Williams, Reuters


“Police issued a warning on Sunday after chemical “haze” left up to 50 people on Britain’s south coast suffering irritation to their eyes and throats…”




UK police arrest second suspect after Buckingham Palace attack


Author/Source: Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo and Louise Heavens, Reuters


“British police announced on Sunday a second arrest in connection with an assault on three police officers by a man armed with a four-foot sword outside London’s Buckingham Palace on Friday…”




Barcelona attack: German woman dies in hospital


Author/Source: BBC


“A German woman, 51, has died of injuries sustained in the van attack in the Spanish city of Barcelona on 17 August, officials say…”




US & Canada




Bodies of all 10 sailors missing on USS John S. McCain have been recovered


Author/Source: Anna Fifield, Washington Post


“The bodies of all 10 sailors missing since a collision between the USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore have been recovered, the Navy’s 7th Fleet said Monday…”









Tillerson says U.S. will keep up ‘peaceful pressure’ on North Korea


Author/Source: Lindsay Dunsmuir and Mary Milliken, Reuters


“U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Sunday the firing of three ballistic missiles by North Korea this week was a provocative act but that the United States will continue to seek a peaceful resolution…”




'The president speaks for himself': Rex Tillerson distances himself from Trump


Author/Source: Molly Redden, The Guardian


“Asked if Charlottesville remarks made it harder to represent the US, secretary of state appears to suggest president does not represent American values…”




FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Luis Macedo Arrested


Author/Source: Garrett Croon, FBI


“After eight years on the run, a Chicago man who is one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives is now in custody, announced Special Agent in Charge Michael J. Anderson of the FBI Chicago Field Office…"









Harvey Brings Catastrophic Floods to Houston; at Least Five Reported Dead


Author/Source: Chris Cirillo and Daphne Rustow, New York Times


“At least five deaths and more than a dozen injuries have been reported in the aftermath of Harvey, the hurricane that tore across the Gulf Coast of Texas over the weekend…”




South and Central America and the Caribbean




Venezuela MUD Opposition Coalition Supports US Sanctions, Warns of Unapproved Transactions


Author/Source: Latin America Herald Tribune


“Venezuela's Mesa de Unidad (MUD) Opposition coalition spoke out Sunday in a statement in which it set its sights on the decisions of President Donald Trump's government over Venezuela…”




After decades of war, Colombia's FARC rebels debut political party


Author/Source: Nelson Bocanegra and Symmes Cobb, Reuters


“Colombia’s leftist FARC rebel group is introducing its political party at a conference that began on Sunday, a major step in its transition into a civilian organization after more than 50 years of war and its first chance to announce policy to skeptical voters…”




Guatemala President Who Championed Honesty Orders Anticorruption Panel Chief Out


Author/Source: Elisabeth Malkin, New York Times


“Guatemalans elected a former television comic as president in 2015 on promises he would be honest, unlike his reviled predecessor…”








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