April 20, 2017


Terrorism and the Media:

Dilemmas for Government, Journalists, and the Public


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“Terrorism and the Media:

 Dilemmas for Government, Journalists, and the Public”


 The role of the press in reporting on terrorism has been under public debate for decades. Many issues have been considered, including whether the media encourages terrorism and whether governments should prevent the press from covering terrorism in the "name of security."


These and related questions regarding the role of the media in the evolving so-called "post-truth era" and the social media "revolution" will be discussed by government officials, journalists, and academics. The panel will offer policy recommendations for the new U.S. administration and the international community.





Opening Remarks:       

General Alfred Gray, USMC (Ret.)

Twenty-Ninth Commandant of the United States Marine Corps; Senior Fellow and Chairman of the Board of Regents, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies



Professor Yonah Alexander

Director, Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies and Senior Fellow, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies   



Professor Mark Feldstein

Richard Eaton Professor of Broadcast Journalism, University of Maryland. He spent 20 years as an award-winning investigative reporter at CNN, ABC News, NBC News, and other stations


Jennifer Rubin

The Washington Post


Thomas Frank

Investigative reporter at CNN and has spent 32 years as a journalist covering issues such as homeland security and the Middle East


Zdeněk Beránek
Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the Czech Republic


Professor Shireen Hunter

Research professor at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

IUCTS Highlights


Jerusalem Post  on February 29, 2012: “Iran’s last diplomatic chance?” by Prof. Yonah Alexander and Dr. Milton Hoenig