Terrorism Review of 2010 and Outlook for 2011


Date: January 31 2011


Place: The National Press Club


The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies' International Center for Terrorism Studies hosted a seminar on International Cooperation in Combating Terrorism: Review of 2010 and Outlook for 2011, on January 31 at the National Press Club's Holeman Lounge. This is the thirtheenth in a series of annual ICTS events highlighting developments in the field of counterterrorism. Co-sponsors include the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies and the International Law Institute's Inter-University Center for Legal Studies. Opening Remarks: Michael Swetnam

(CEO and Chairman, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies); Moderator:

Prof. Yonah Alexander (Director, International Center for Terrorism Studies) Panelists: Hon. Charles Allen (Former Assistant Director of Central Intelligence (CIA), and Undersecretary for Intelligence, U.S. Department of Homeland Security); Ambassador D. Jorge Dezcallar de Mazarredo (Ambassador of Spain to the United States) Ambassador Aziz Mekouar (Ambassador of Morocco to the United States) Closing remarks: Daniel Gallington, Esq. (Former General Counsel to Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and former Deputy Counsel for Intelligence Policy at the Department of Justice); Prof. Don Wallace, Esq. (Chairman, International Law Institute; Georgetown University Law Center) 

2010-2011Annual TR
ICTS Annual Terrorism Review
31.01.11Terrorism Review of 2010 and out
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