Terrorism: an Electronic Journal and Database

This unique publication is devoted to the political, economic and legal challenges arsing from terrorism, filling the gap left by other web sites.  The electronic journal will regularly include case studies, terrorist profiles, relevant legislation and speeches in addition to analytical articles on the most current topics.


Partnership for Peace Review

The aim of this interdisciplinary journal is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and expertise among nations in the area of international security, peace studies, and military cooperation-related issues as well as to emphasize the principle that “global problems require global solutions” with the effective contributions of all nations. With this view in mind, the publication will seek to establish an up-to-date knowledge base on peacekeeping operations undertaken by international bodies including NATO, the United Nations, the European Union, and the Organization of African States. The review will be published twice yearly, fall and spring, by the Partnership for Peace Training Center (PfP) in Ankara, Turkey, under the auspices of NATO. 


The International Journal on Minority and Group Rights

The International Journal on Minority and Group Rights is devoted to interdisciplinary studies of the legal, political, economic and social problems which minorities and indigenous peoples face in all countries of the world. For the purposes of the Journal, groups are seen as clearly recognizable segments of society, defined by such relatively constant factors, as national or ethnic origin, religion, culture or language.
Current developments, not least the spread of violent ethnic and religious conflicts, underline the need for a periodical publication dealing with the rights of persons belonging to minorities and indigenous peoples and of the groups themselves. The Journal pays special attention to the contribution which human rights standards and good governance guidelines can make to a better world for all. The Journal aims to become the primary forum for the discussion of the vitally important field of studies which it covers.

Political Communication and Persuasion - An International Journal

Political Communications and Persuasion – an International Journal dealt with the global issues of political and societal communication change and history on a theoretical and an empirical level. With a main focus on the use and events regarding political communication, the journal had a vast variety of interdisciplinary research articles, making the journal an important source for many divisions of the academic world. Being published for over a decade (1980-1991) various influential articles and authors have contributed to the success of the journal.


Terrorism - an International Journal

Terrorism - an International Journal

The historic and renowned international journal by editor-in-chief Yonah Alexander, published by Crane Russak-New York first time in 1977.

Terrorism - an International Journal aimed to broaden the knowledge of worldwide terrorism by using some of contemporary and prominemt academics and scholars of the time.

Terrorism: Documents of International and Local Control

This series is an extensive collection of significant documents covering all major and minor issues and events regarding terrorism. Government reports, executive orders, speeches, court proceedings, and position papers are presented in full text reprint. The entire set records and explains terrorism as it has evolved over 25 years. It examines the efforts of Western societies to safely combat conventional and unconventional terrorist attacks around the world, including those in: Israel, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Central and South America, Western Europe, The United Kingdom, and The United States. Yonah Alexander was the editor of this journal from volume 15-22.

IUCTS Highlights



May 20, 2019

"Jerusalem and Washington: A Life in Politics and Diplomacy” with Ambassador Zalman Shoval"


May 14, 2019

"The Role of Diplomacy in the World's Future"


April 30, 2019

"The Current State of American Diplomacy and Future Outlook"


March 28, 2019

"Biological Terrorism: International Dimensions"


Additional past events 



The Jerusalem Post on July 13, 2019:

"Establish a chemical and biological WMD Free Zone in the Middle East Now"

By Prof. Yonah Alexander and Dr. Milton Hoenig


The Times of Israel
on January 25, 2019: "There's good reason to fear Iran's global reach" by Prof. Yonah Alexander and Dr. Milton Hoenig


The Times of Israel on September 26, 2018: "The battle for the new Syria"

by Prof. Yonah Alexander and Dr. Milton Hoenig