IUCTS Publications





A compilation of over 50 years of academic analysis on the subject of terrorism. IUCTS books range from in depth studies of specific terror groups, entities which may support terrorism, and counter-terrorism strategies used worldwide. 


Terrorism: An Electronic Journal and Knowledge Base




Over 40 years of experience in producing international academic journals studying terrorism.  For example, the inaugural issue of Terrorism - an International Journal was published in 1977.





IUCTS produces a variety of research reports which provide insight to various terrorism related issues. These research publications are conducted in partnership with several international academic, diplomatic, and military bodies combining rigorous scholastic acumen with international strategic knowledge and functional field experience. 

The daily weather is an attempt to catalog international news stories from a variety of sources relating to terrorism and international security. The weather is organized by regional and modus operandi sections. 

IUCTS Highlights


Jerusalem Post  on February 29, 2012: “Iran’s last diplomatic chance?” by Prof. Yonah Alexander and Dr. Milton Hoenig